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How to grow white radish

Radish are basically roots, which develops under the soil. They are majorly two type of radish. Normal radish, it comes with majorly two colors white and pinkish red. Another is horseradish which tastes sour and it’s mainly used to make sausages.


it will need loose and moist soil to develop.the roots. Dig the soil 4 inch deep and add some organic compost/ manure. Water it for 3 to 4 days ( it should be moist enough ) .


Suitable place to grow :

we can grow radish either in land or container based on your available space. In case you using the container or grow bag the recommended

Potting mix :

40% coco peat/coco pith 30%organic compost 10%sand /perlite 20% of land soil.


Sowing Space :

Sow the seeds in 4 inch depth and 5 inch gap between rows and column. 


Germination :

Seeds will germinate in 3- 5 days after sowing the seeds after it grow about an inch or two cover with fine potting mix.


Watering :

The soil should be moist enough, but it shouldn’t be wet. If you using grow bags/container make sure your drainage holes are currently drain the excess water.

Pest control :

Snails slugs , cut worms, may affect your plants. Use coffee ground and neem oil, soap oil spray to control these pests.

Harvest :

You can harvest anywhere from 45 to 60 days depends upon your variety of seeds and your location. Make sure you see the white bulb above the soil dig an inch deep and check whether roots are formed than harvest.


If you like to see all this in video, please check our youtube channel