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How to protect our garden in rainy\windy days

Terrace Garden

  1. If you are a terrace Gardner, Protect ur ceilings first . If your grow bags or container had direct contact with ceilings, make sure you at least add a plastic cover between the grow bags/container & ceilings.

2. Make sure ur drainage holes are good enough, so that excess rainwater will drain easily.

3. you also can cover plastic cover around plants or container to protect.

4. if so windy knot ur plants with a stick so that it will minimize the damage to plants.

5. if you using container, tilt the container ( paduka vechidunga container uh lite uh) so that the excess water will drain easily.

6. clean uh iruka terrace parunga stone plastic cover n al will block the drainage of the terrace, so check that.


Backyard garden

  • If you are already created path or system for drainage of water check its working properly!


  • If you don’t have any drainage system or path for excess rain water to go, it may damage the plants. use plastic cover or sheet and protect plants from rain.


  • If you planted any seedlings protect that using a plastic cup or you also can cut the plastic bottle and protect them.


  • Tie the plants to stick or tree near by so that it won’t affect by heavy winds.


Note:  Let it go, If you did all the above steps leave rest to nature/god. Don’t go outside to check the plants while heavy rains.

Stay safe in rains and storm happy gardening 🙂