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How to Grow Yard long beans

Growing yard long beans is very simple compared to other vegetables. You will get good harvest and children love it! it’s also called

Asparagus bean, bora, bodi, pea bean snake bean, Chinese bean, and karamani ( in Tamil ) .

The plant is subtropical/tropical and most widely grown in the warmer parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and southern China. A variety of the cowpea, it is grown primarily for its strikingly long (35- to 75-cm) immature pods and has uses very similar to that of the green bean. The many varieties of yard long beans are usually distinguished by the different colors of their mature seeds. 

1.Potting mix/ Soil preparation :

We can use any type of soil, If you are going to use your land area, make sure you give a nice mix of compost. In case of using container/grow bag/ Raise beds, use all purpose potting mix for vegetable or you can go with 40 % coco peat 30 %  organic compost and remain you can use your land soil or add red soil and perlite.

2.Sowing Seeds :

You can sow the seeds in Mid of March to September, the spacing should be a 6-inch gap between every seed. Once you sow the seed give fine watering so that the seeds will get contact with the soil. make sure it should not be too wet.

3.Germination :

Unlike other plants Yard long beans will germinate quickly, we can see the seeds germinating in 4 – 5 days. However based on your Geo- location, it may take up to 7 to 10 days in colder countries.



Add fertilizer after 20 days of sowing seeds, If you are going with organic fertilizer, it will take time to get into plants. However, living healthy is our goal so always I recommend to use organic products.

Click this link to see the video instruction growing yard long beans from sowing to harvest. 

5. Pest control.

The bean is sweeter, hence attracts Ant. We can easily control ants by spraying neem oil spray, 3G solution spray, and other organic pesticides

Note: This site not will not encourage using nonorganic products, However you like to use any non-organic pest control or fertilizer consult with experts.

6. Care :

Its a creeper plant, so it needs a path to spread. Arrange creepers net for the plants, so that it will grow accordingly.

7. Harvest :

We will get our first harvest after 30 to 45 days of sowing seeds ( if everything goes fine ). Harvesting is simple and easy, look for the full grown long bean and cut from the stem, so that it will regrow and produce more beans.


Nutrition value :

Yardlong bean, Raw Nutritional

value per 100 graw nutritional


197 kJ (47 kcal)



8.35 g



0.4 g



2.8 g



Vitamin A equiv.


43 μg

Thiamine (B1)


0.107 mg

Riboflavin (B2)


0.11 mg

Niacin (B3)


0.41 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5)


0.55 mg

Vitamin B6


0.024 mg

Folate (B9)


62 μg

Vitamin C


18.8 mg





50 mg



0.47 mg



44 mg



0.205 mg



59 mg



240 mg



4 mg



Source : Wikipedia