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Growing pencil cactus is very easy and simple, it is Euphorbias family, it is also called fire stick cactus and Euphorbia tirucalli


1. Potting mix:

You can use any type of sand and stones, it will grow in every type of soil (make sure the soil is dry)


2. keep it in direct sun light:

It can take partial or full sunlight. The pencil cactus also called as fire stick cactus. the plant also can survive in heavy hot summer. Due to the heat and Direct sunlight, the plant will be redder (fire).



3. Trimming:


The plant grows slowly but when it grows it produces lots of branches you can trim as the shape you want. be careful while trimming because while cutting the branches you can see white milk like liquid, which is very poisonous.


4. Keep it away from children:

It looks great but don’t forget the plant is so poisonous. If anyone had direct contact with the milk of plant in eyes or mouth, contact your nearest doctor as soon as possible.


5. Propagation & fertilization:

Once you got the plant you easily propagate by cutting and placing in a new pot with the potting mix.
You can add any type of compost in late spring, I would suggest adding worm casing because it gives better results with this cactus.



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                                                                                    -Sakthivelu Pinnathur Varatharajan.