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Rainy Days Garden Care – Save your Garden from Heavy Rains,& cyclone

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Every gardener, put their effort, money and love creating a beautiful garden. If that garden vanish in a storm or heavy rain? it will be heartbreaking Right?

We can’t predict or control nature, however, we can minimize the damage as much possible. Today In Chennai, I faced the severe cyclone named Nivar, warming was given two days before its been easy to prepare for the impact. The problem is we Don’t know exactly how much the impact will be. I newly sow some cherry tomato and cabbage, cauliflower for our winter season. I’ve already written about the Seasonal chart of Tamilnadu you can check that article here: Season chart / Sowing table for Tamilnadu. 

Vegetables like Snake gourd, Bitter gourd, Ridge gourds growing well and giving better harvest. We have grown more than 250+ Plants in a container/ Growbag in open terrace. I will share some of the methods I tried in this scenario.

Drainage holes: The excess water will drain throw the holes we place under the pots or grow bag. Some will make holes in the bottom side, However, the idea is to drain the excess water in the pot so that there won’t be any root rot or damage. Check your Drainage holes are working properly

Trellis / Support system for Plants : Every plant needs some support the climb or grow tall. Make sure the plants are in well supported by trellis or stick, so that the plant won’t break or damage.

Cleanliness: If the leaves or sticks block the rainwater to pass from the area or if your garden is a mess during a storm it may destroy your garden
Keep your garden clean so that there won’t be any Waterlogg

Garden tools: Keep your garden tools inside, if possible cover your garden tools so that there won’t be any water sprinkles on tools. Please note that most of the garden tools are iron, so it has more chance to rusted so don’t take chances.

Planter: Keep planter for Every Growbag or pot if possible. it will reduce the risk of waterlogging from bottom in heavy rains

Seedling tray: We can keep our seedling tray inside until the storm pass.

Poly covers:  Cover your garden using Polysheets to protect from winds and heavy rains.

These are some techniques I used to protect my garden, it worked efficiently and Hope it works for you too. These techniques may not protect completely, however it will reduce the damage level.

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