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How to grow Okra/ladies finger

Okra/Ladies Finger

Growing Okra/Ladies Finger is simple and you don’t need much maintenance over the plants. 

1.Potting Mix 

  Good Potting mix will always gives better results 

We are in India, based on our climate the suitable mix is 

  • 50% coco peat 
  • 25% compost
  • 25% red soil 

This ratio is almost global, If you are in colder countries you can plant this on winter because Okra needs sunlight and heat.

In case of using your own land make sure you dig and add compost & 20 % of coco peat. 

2.Sowing & Spacing 

You can sow the seeds directly to your raise beds, container, grow bags or your land. 

Dig a inch hole and sow the seeds, cover it with potting mix and water it. 

Make sure the soil should be moist not wet. 


Germination period for Okra is 2 to 3 days (based on region) If you are in hotter region it might take up to 5 days.

Check out our video on growing Okra Here 


4.Pest Control:

Okra doesn’t need much care, However, the pests and insects may affect your plant.

You can use neem oil to control the pests. Add 5 ml of neem oil in lit of water and spray on both sides of leaves. 

Check out the video on making easy home neem pesticide 


We will suggest to use only organic fertilizers like chicken manure, vermi compost, vegetable compost, sea weeds, goat manure, cow dung..etc

We can add these fertilizer in the interval of every 2-3 weeks.

Please note : Inorganic fertilizers may harm to health. 

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After 30 to 45 days, the plant will produce pale yellow flower. it means your plant going to give healthy okra soon. 

You can see the flower fell in a day or two and you can see the okra out of the flower bud. 


After flowering it takes 3 to 5 days to grow. However, If you wait too long the okra get harder, so that it cant be edible. you can use that okra for seeds.