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How to Prepare Organic Compost at home.


        Organic compost is made of greens and browns around us, they give required nutrients and minerals for the plants to grow.

Making of organic compost is very simple, anyone can do it. The most important question here is Are we doing it correctly? In most of the case, Nooo.. because many of us don’t know about what’s happening in compost and what need to add in compost. This article will explain about making of compost and Do’s and Don’ts of making compost.

Read the article and let us know your valuable comments, suggestions in comment section below. 

You will Need or require:

  • Container /Compost bin.
  • shovel
  • Partial sun light.


Preparation : 


  • Place the compost bin in partial sun lexposed area. You can use almost any type of container or wooden box, make sure you have enough holes, so that excess water\rain water will drain out. 
  • Add grass clippings, leaves, weeds..etc 
  • We also can add straw( any type of straw like paddy pine..etc )  Vaikol(Tamil). 
  • Add papers, make sure you shred into small pieces.
  • Add browns like cardboard pieces and dried leaves. 
  • Add leftover or vegetables and fruits, ypu also can add vegetable and fruits peels. 
  • Add leftover rice, sprouts and other edible wastes from your kitchen.


  • Spray water as required to keep the Compost moist but not wet. 
  • Add honey or Jaggery
    to boost your compost.
  • Give a nice mix thrice a week. 
  • Make sure you have enough holes so that excess water will drain quickly. ( in rainy days )  
  • We also can add tea grounds, coffee grounds, egg shells to our compost. 


  • Never add meat to your compost, it will bring bad bacteria and fungus to compost. 
  • Over watering\ excess water in compost bin will not give better results. 
  • Mix the compost from bottom to top at-least once a week so that air will circulate and it will break down to fine compost. 
  • Never add chicken, goat, or any animal pee to compost. It will create fungus and other bad bacteria’s. 

Tips : 

  • We can add chicken manure’s and other manures, sea weeds, while preparing potting mix but its not idea to add in our organic compost process. 
  • Have Three bins, fill the first bin leave it compost, and fill the next one. use third bin to mix compost. 

Note : Fine Organic compost is called as BLACK GOLD in gardening. So use it wisely it will give better results to your plants and tree’s.