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ABC juice and Roti

  • Sakthivel 

ABC juice and Roti.

A for Apple. B for beet root. C for Carrot. This is not an normal juice. If you are little social media person, you already might seen about or hear about this juice. Do you know why it works like magic ?! This is an wonderful juice helps to clear toxins in body, Give glowing and healthy skin, Helps to regular hormonal issues, and many more..etc.

Apple : Rich in fiber and Nutrients. Apple gives slight sugary taste to ABC juice, where the other 2 also have sugary taste but the apple content should be more for better taste and balance. Also the fiber in fruit helps to absorb the nutrients in drink.

Beet root: Beets are rooty vegetable which do wonders to the body. The dark thick red colour drink are very essential for better blood flow and better glowing skin. It increase the bloods count in body and helps to normalise the levels of toxins.

Carrot: Rich in Vitamin A, also it has various other vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, Iron, ..etc. The fiber in carrot helps to regulate the blood sugar levels. It also loaded with substance called beta-carotene, which helps to lower the diabetes risks.

When to Drink ?

Best to drink early in morning in empty stomach. Avoid drinking after big mealAvoid dairy products after/before drinking this juice . ( least give a gap to 2 hours before having an diary product)Evening before 6, after a small salad is fine.

Results of regular in take of this Drink.

  • Glowing clear Skin.
  • Healthy immune system
  • Improved Mood levels
  • Thickness of hair growth
  • Better stamina
  • Good blood flow
  • Regulate hormones level

How to Make ABC juice.

  • 3/4 cup of chopped apple.
  • 1 cup of chopped carrot.
  • 1/2 cup of chopped beetroot.
  • Add all this to a blender and filter it out the juice
  • Dont throw away the plup, keep it in a separate bowl.

Note: This is recipe of single person, feel free adjust the amount of ABC, according to your taste.

It’s taste good without any sugar, however if you wish you can add little bit of sugar.

How to Make ABC roti?

  • In the Plup of ABC, add some Wheat or floor, the add salt as per taste and make a dough. Optional: add little bit of sugar for sweet chapattis/Roti.
  • The Rotis are better to eat without any side dish. It goes well with pickles. Pickles are probiotic side dish, You can choose any vegetable based pickle as per your taste.

So will it work?

Surely for the person who do it in right way. You will see better gut health, good skins and better immune system so on.. However if you try few optionally like adding sugars, that may impact the goodness of this juice. Remember: For better healthy try to eat food with less sugar and salt. If this helps, please do share with your friends and family.