How to grow white radish

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Radish are basically roots, which develops under the soil. They are majorly two type of radish. Normal radish, it comes with majorly two colors white and pinkish red. Another is horseradish which tastes sour and it’s mainly used to make sausages. Soil: it will need loose and moist soil to develop.the roots. Dig the soil […]


How to Make Panchagavya / Organic fertilizer using Cow By-products.

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HELLO Organic World, This Article explains the procedure of  making Organic fertilizer using cow dung and other by-products of a cow. It is a very popular fertilizer in south India and Asian countries. ( names differ based on location)  In India, it is called Panchagavya.   Things you Need:   Fresh Cow Dung-3Kg Gee-1/2Kg Milk-1 […]

How to Control Pest Organically

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They are many types of pests and bugs which will cause damage to plants and vegetables, Some of the famous bugs and insects are Aphids. Asparagus beetle. Cabbage Looper. Colorado Potato Beetle. Corn Earworm. Cucumber Beetles: Spotted or Striped. Cutworm. Cyclamen Mites.  However, based on plants and location pests will differ. I am going to teach […]

How to Grow Yard long beans

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Growing yard long beans is very simple compared to other vegetables. You will get good harvest and children love it! it’s also called Asparagus bean, bora, bodi, pea bean snake bean, Chinese bean, and karamani ( in Tamil ) . The plant is subtropical/tropical and most widely grown in the warmer parts of South Asia, Southeast […]

Pencil Cactus


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Growing pencil cactus is very easy and simple, it is Euphorbias family, it is also called fire stick cactus and Euphorbia tirucalli   1. Potting mix: You can use any type of sand and stones, it will grow in every type of soil (make sure the soil is dry)   2. keep it in direct sun light: […]