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Why is my plant dying

Many people feel so frustrated when their loving plant is in dying stage and we do anything to save those plants  (sentiment fellows like me ). How Ever they may end up in died plants. we feel so sorry for the poor buddy, if this happens so many times people stop doing Gardening. Specially beginners, if they see plant germinate from seed they are so excited and if the plant look pale or dull they feel sad. they have their own excitement and expectation towards plants. those excitement and expectation is main reason why your plant die. Yes its very true, Over caring is main reason why many plants die. in jungle and road side many plants grow without proper care and water, thats because of the plant super strength, they adapt to the environment.


Gardner’s try to control the plant growth, basically gardening is growing the plants in the way which we want and need. If you understand the nature of every plant you grow its very easy to control, if you don’t have knowledge its hard to last in gardening. Don’t be scared, its not that much difficult to be a Gardner. Be the person who connect with nature so you know what to do and what not to do. Lets come to the point..!! How to Save the dying Plant ? 


First find why your Plant in dying stage.! How to do that ? you have to find way also. However i share some common reasons here. 

Over watering / Under watering : 

Its one of the top reason why plants are dying. know how much water your plant needs. some plants need few drops some plants may need ocean of water ( Kidding 😀 ). Have knowledge of your plant and for most common plant Rule of thumb is poke the finger in soil. if your finger enter a inch in soil it may not water, if the top soil is dry or not moist enough that’s the time you should water. 

Over Fertilizing : 

If you over feed your plant it die. the roots take all the nutrients in soil and try to grow if it doesn’t have source of energy to spend on the plant die eventually. Know when to feed the plant. Most of plant need the fertilizer once they started flowering  (in case of vegetable plants). Likewise depends upon variety and nature of plant time of fertilizer and amount will be differ.

Pest Attack: 

Yes of-course pest attack is one of the reason why your plant die. if they damage leaves or stem of the plants, eventually the plant die. I’ve posted Several videos on pest control check that out. 

Virus Disease: 

Yes plants also affected by virus diseases. its common in chili and tomato plants. Discard the plant once your the disease or else at least isolate the plant to prevent spreading. In Rose plant rust is common type of virus disease which easily kills the plant. 

Fungal Infection:

It occurs mostly inside the soil and it damages the roots of the plant and slowly it kills the plant. its like slow poison for plants. You can prevent and control fungus by adding some neem cake to the soil. 

Low nutrients : 

If the plant doesn’t get the essential nutrients to grow the plant die. The plant need primary minerals like NPK- Nitrogen Phosphorus and potassium. Secondary nutrients like, calcium, magnesium. finally the plants also need macro nutrients like iron, boron..etc. How to give all this ? Simple Kitchen waste compost is best and it almost has all the nutrient the plant need, I’ve posted video on kitchen compost in both language English and Tamil check that ( Click the English for English video and Tamil for Tamil video )   

Climate changes: 

Sudden climate changes also put pressure on plants. specially in summer and winter. We can prevent that kind of dying plant by mulching. Check the videos about mulching in my youtube Its available in English and Tamil ( Click the english for english video and tamil for Tamil video ) 

Improper season: 

If you grow carrots in summer and Watermelon in winter it wont survive. However there are some hybrids available nowadays which grow in all kind of season, which we not recommend much to grow in your Garden. Know the proper season, we already shared a article ” Season chart for South india” Check that out 

After Transplant/ Re-potting: 

In transplant shock some of the plant are die. Transplant the plant without damaging the root. Transplant always in Evening after 5-6 Pm ( after or before sunset) it allow plant to adapt to new environment and it has some time to face the sun heat. Most of the healthiest plant bounce back in couple of days. However we can’t be sure every plant will survive. 

I’ve mentioned most of top reasons why your plant die, There might thousand reasons more, with proper experience and knowledge we can prevent that. Remember Gardening is Always experiment with experience, that knowledge only lead the way. If you like this Article do share it with friends.