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How To Grow Chillies

Chilli are known as peppers in some countries. It also known as chilli peppers, pepper chilli…Etc. The ideal season for growing chilli is summer. Chilli loves heat because its “Hot “. In this Article I will guide you growing of chillies easily at your home. You can also check my videos at our YouTube channels.



Use seedling tray to germinate your seeds. The seedling can be transplanted to In individual pot. You can also spray the seeds in pot and transplant the best grown seedling to individual pot.

Potting mix:  

It must be loose and loamy soil. Coco coir/coco peat 40% organic compost: 30% Ground soil: 20 % Sand: 10% might be ideal. You can also use perlite instead of sand.


In seedling time keep it in semi shade area, after it transplanted keep it in full sunlight area.



Water it according to needs, soil should be moist not too wet.


Transplant to individual pot/container after 40 to 45 days. You may notice it has 5 leaves and stems are little thick. Transplant it on evenings after sunset so that plant escapes from heat of sun.


  • Check for weeds around plant and remove it
  • If you find any pest damaging your plant   use neem oil with soap oil spary. It will help in most cases
  • If not if you find any rotten stems are roots check your drainage holes, and potting soil whether the excess water drain or not.
  • If its not drain, it might due to ur potting soil/mix. Its not loose enough to drain excess water Change the potting mix/soil Ideally


You can harvest the chilli at different stages, some will harvest when its green some at orange or pale red or red. Its purely your decision if you harvest when full red. Its hottest Ripen one.

How to grow chillies


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