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How to Grow Carrots

            Carrots are basically roots,which grows under the soil. Carrots are cool season crop. which will need Ideal temperature of  60°F-65°F ( 15.5° – 18.33°) to grow and 55°F – 75°F (12.7°-23.87°) to germinate. However, they are so many hybrid varieties available in market which will grow in some moderate climate too.

Temparature, moisture and wind is key to grow any plant. If we able to give that either organically (seasonal) or inorganic ( room based agri ) it will grow. As you may know there are so many indoor farming factories are running all over world, they are producing all type veggies,roots and greens.

In this article I’m going to walk you through the process of growing carrots organically at home. Read the article fully and let me know your feedback in comment section.

Soil :

The soil should be 2:2:1 of compost, coco peat/coir pith , sand or 2:2:1:1 of Compost, Coco peat/coir pith, Soil(any type of soil might be your land soil )  , sand.

It should be loosen, so that roots go through and develop roots. If you are growing directly in soil, make a Rise bed and grow with the above composition.


Fertilizer: It need lots of natural fertilizer rich in potassium. excess of nitrogen may cause damage to roots. Always check your soil before you sow the seeds.

Season : mid or end of autumn is ideal time to sow the seeds, and in winter it develop roots and grow. or you can plant during winter and harvest during beginning of summer.

Sowing method :

Directly sow the seeds in container/raise beds, the seeds are so tiny so take 2 table spoon of seeds and spread over your container/raise beds.

Watering : Check the soil before you watering the plants. since the season is cool, water may not dry quickly. Over watering may rotten the roots, make sure the excess water drain properly

Pest control :

Snails slugs , cut worms, may affect your plants. Use coffee ground and neem oil, soap oil spray to control these pests.

Harvest :

Baby carrots can be harvested anywhere from 45 to 65 days. However matured carrots may take up to 75 to 90 days. You can know your carrots are ready to harvest when you see the neck of the carrot above the soil. However, there might be variations on days based on variety, geological location and climate.