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Easiest 5 Vegetables For Beginners.

Are You Beginner for Garden ? This is for you! Read fully and Follow the instructions clearly, You will be Pro- Gardner Soon!


Many of us love to setup a vegetable garden. we Buy things from Garden shop and setup the Home garden / Rooftop Garden, But the results are not high as Expected. Reason for that is most of us Don’t know the basics. Growing a plant is like growing a child. We need some patience and responsibility! If you feel you will be committed to your garden than you are eligible to grow some vegetable.  “Don’t let others Do your Garden work” Someday we may need this knowledge to Survive.  Allow your children’s in gardening !! Educate them make them a hobby!!

So what are the 5 easiest vegetable you can grow ? 
  1. Leafy greens : 

All kind of leafy greens you can try. its very easy to grow and best part is it will be ready to harvest from 25-40 days. ( depends on type of leafy vegetables you grow ) 

There are some popular varieties of leafy greens like, Fenugreek, Coriander, amaranth, malabar spinach, Red vine spinach..etc. 

Type of soil : 

it grows well in all well nourished soil. In Clay soil it won’t grow well. |Make sure your potting mix has at-least 15% organic compost. 


some seeds like coriander, fenugreek needed to be Soak in water at-least 12 hours before sowing. it will increase the faster germination. Small seeds like amaranth greens need to added with river sand and sow. 



2. Radish 

Its Easy to Grow veggie. If u had proper potting soil. its almost care free vegetable to grow. Radish likes loosy well rich soil. Radish is basically root and if soil is so hard it may not develop good Root. Add at least 10 to 20 % of River sand/ Perlite / Vermiculite in potting mix . 

It will be ready to Harvest almost in 30-45 Days. some varieties may get ready to harvest even from 20-25 days from sowing. However, Depends on the Ge-location & climate & varieties of Radish time period differ.