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How to Grow Purple Eggplant/brinjal

How to Grow Purple Eggplant/brinjal

Eggplant is very healthy and taste veggies, which everyone loves, we can make curry, fries, sausages..etc. In this article You can learn how to grow eggplant from seed.

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Soil preparation

  • We can grow eggplant either in container or land, the caring and protection are slightly different.

For container:

  • The ratio 4:4:1 of Coco peat/coco coir/peat moss (4 cups )  : Organic compost (4 cups ) : sand or land soil (1 cup ). Fill the container by this ratio, it’s very effective potting soil for your eggplant/brinjal.

For Land:

  • Dig the soil 2 inch deep add organic compost and wood chips


  • They are many variety of eggplants /brinjal (Asian), choose the variety you like. The methods of growing is applicable for all type of eggplants.


  • We can’t sow the seed directly, we need to sow the seeds in seedling tray, sow two seeds per tray cup. Sow at least in 6 cups. 


  • It will germinate in 5 to 10 days depends on your region and temperature.


The seedlings may take upto 45 days to grow fully. In case your seedling tray is not give enough space for seedling to grow you may need to transplant to cup or bigger seedling tray.


  • After 45 days to 60 (Depends on your region and climate) transplant into your garden or container.
  • Make sure you water your plant after transplant so that roots get contact with soil immediately, which avoids air locks.


Water the plants when required. The soil should be moist not too wet. It also can survive in some hot days. But however, depends on requirements water the plant.

Pest control:

  • Most common insects you can find on eggplants are: white flies, worms. Yellow files, aphids.
  • You can control these pests by spraying neem oil with soap oil. Also 3G solution.


  • Any where after 80 days to 100 days you can see your plants produce purple flower, first two weeks you may not see any veggies, those periods are for pollinations, after the flowers pollinated you can find veggies on the plant.


  • Its purely depends on your view. Whenever you feel the eggplant is grow its full size you can harvest. Harvest 5 days after you see the veggies from flowering.

Hope its useful for you !! Happy gardening !!

                                                                                        -Gardener Sakthivel.