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How to Grow coriander easily at home

Coriander is world famous herb which is easy you can grow in your garden. In many dishes Coriander adds an unquie flavor of taste and many loves to spice it with coriander touch.

Coriander also has its medicinal values and it’s used as medicine in Ayurveda medicines.

What you need to grow coriander?

*coriander seeds *Enriched organic soil & *proper container with drainage holes

How to Grow coriander ?

1. Break the seeds gently into. You can do that by placing seeds in flat surface and Rubbing a plate or thick sheet at top of the seeds.

2. Soak those seeds in water for 4-6 hours

3. Add in the soil and cover the fine soil at the top

4. Gently sprinkle the water and make sure its moist and not too wet.

Coriander seeds

5. Check whether excess water drained quickly

6. It may take up to 10 days to germinate

7. Once you see the seedling about an inch sprinkle some good organic liquid fertilizers to boost the Growth

8. In about 2 months it’s ready to harvest as your need.

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