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How to grow Mint from cuttings

Step 1 : 

Get the fine mint from local vegetable shop, and remove the leaves. 

Step 2 : 

Cut min 6 inch of mint stem from bottom of stem. 

Step 3: 

keep it in  quarter glass of water

Step 4: 

Change the water every Couple of days. 



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Step 5: 

In 4- 8 Days  you can see the roots development in water and new leaf growth at top


Step 6: 

After you feel roots are healthy and strong transplant into container/pot

Step 7 : 

Potting mix : Use well drained potting mix. 

1:1:1 of cocopeat/peatmoss | Vermiculate | Compost 

Step 8: 

Plant in container randomly and water it. 

Water : According to potting mix dry water it. Make sure its moist not too wet.  

Step 9:

In couple of Months you see the mint growing like this 

Pro tip:  Spray liquid fertilizer twice a month.

Don’t grow mint in ground, its spread and grow quickly. 

Step 10 : 

Harvest mint frequently, More you harvest more it grows. 

Use scissors and cut the mint from top, it will regrow soon.