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Rose Plant Care in Summer Days

How to Care Rose Plants In Summer

Rose is a Universal plant. Everyone loves it. No one like to see the plant die & cry. However Rose is very sensitive, It cannot update to the sudden changes like extreme heat or cold. Here let me Give you 5 important tips to save your Rose plants. 


If you growing your Rose plant in a container or Direct soil mulching is very important. it preserves the water in the soil from evaporating. Also, it helps to enrich the soil, in a matter of time the mulching will decompose and add value to the soil. 

Weed Removing: 

  • Did you know, weeds are also drinking water and eat the nutrients in the soil. Yes, it may look small weed, but it basically sucks all the goodness from the soil. Remove your Weeds often & make sure you follow the above Tips it help to prevent weed formation. 


Over-watering or low watering may damage the plant health. In summer plant required to water more than normal days. However, if water exceeds it may cause root rot disease. Make sure your soil is moist, not too wet. 

Fertilizers :

Plants Need more energy in summer & winter. Add sufficient nutrients to the soil. All-purpose Fertilizers are good enough for rose plants. However, I recommend Rose Fertilizers. Good quality of compost will enrich the soil & plants grow healthier.
Some Good compost I recommend :

  • Chicken waste compost
  • Vermicompost
  • Kitchen waste compost
  • Dried leaves compost

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