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Best Potting soil for Rose Plant


Rose Is a heavy feeder plant. It requires high quality potting mix to grow well.  if you see leaves turning yellow, leaves drying, and sudden death of the plant, it is due to poor potting soil. Using high quality potting soil for Rose Plant will encourage plant growth and plant produce more flowers. There are some home made fertilizer also will help to create a good quality potting soil.


The potting mix I recommend contains more nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium & magnesium which is very essential for all plant growth. To create such a potting mix all we need is some patience and passion towards gardening. ( check out our Instagram Page for our Daily Updates @Sakthivelorganics

Slow fertilizer as Base : 

This is a slow fertilizer which will release the nutrient very slowly but it helps the plant at right Time. I would Recommend to use Dried leaves compost,Cow Dung Manure or Kitchen Waste Compost. 

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Potting mix : 

This should contain 30 % of cocopeat, 25 % vermicompost , or any other organic compost 20 % Garden soil or Red soil 10 % of River sand / Perlite 

Remaining 15% should be Slow fertilizer which i mentioned above !! 

Add Extra Special’s to mix : 

  1. 5-10 crushed Egg shell 
  2. One or two cup of tea or coffee grounds. 
  3. Mulch of dried leaves or flowers
  4. Add dried Onion Peels
  5. Add Dried Banana peels 

This 5 ingredients will add more value to the potting mix. Dried banana peels has more magnesium and potassium which helps plant to produce more flower’s and onion peels contain sulfur which promote root growth and restrict root rotten disease. Tea & coffee grounds are Rich in Nitrogen which helps plant to grow Stronger. 

Prepare your High Quality Potting mix as i said and Your Rose plant will thank you in the way of Giving more Healthy and Beautiful flowers to you. Please do check our site more often to see article’s Like this. check out our social media for instant Update’s