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3 Liquid plant boosters

Plants need to be nourished with all kind of nutrients. This simple waters help your plant in long term.

People ask this to me all the time, my plants are so dull, not flowering, leaves falling. I care well, plants doesn’t have any pest attack even though the plants are dull.

You might be giving all fertilizers, care and need in good way. However plant should take it in the form of their system.

If you give any organic compost, it took more than 2 months to reach plants. Same way all other fertilizers out there. The simple and easy form to give something to plant is by giving it in liquid form. Roots absorb that quickly and you will see results in a month or so.

The plants also need other nutrients than NPK. This are called macro nutrients.

1. Onion peel water

Take bunch of onion peels, put in water over night. Strain the onion peels and give that water to plants. The onion peels are rich in sulphur, which helps plants to grow well and it strong the cell wall of the plant. You can also add the strained onion peels in home compost, later that also became value to plants.

2. Banana peel water

Take 2- 5 Banana peels soak it in water for 2 days then remove the peels and give the water to plants. The banana peels are rich in magnesium and by soaking in water it extracts some magnesium and also it develops some good bacteria into water, those bacteria helps your soil to break the compost and nutrients in the soil, so that the plants absorb quickly.

3. Beets water

In same way. Soak beetroot peels in water for overnight & remove the peels and give that water to plants. Its rich in macro minerals, which helps your plants to stay stronger and healthier.

You can give all the above water liquids to your plants daily. There wont be any over dose on this. It’s just like flavored water for plants. However this small methods will boost the plant growth in bigger way. Try it in your home and share the changes with us through our social media platforms.