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Laptop or Desktop computer? Which is Best for My Use?

Desktop computers and Laptops both has some advantages and disadvantages. Here is your tech Guru shakthivel, Help you to choose between laptops & desktops. 



Why you need a computer ? 

Your answer will help you to choose between laptops or desktops. Yes the very basic question itself help to solve the confusion. Computers can be used for so many things like, watching movies, browsing, editing photo’s or videos, Data base management, programming, gaming, used to control devices and machines, used for billings..etc. Just write it down or keep in mind why its mostly important for you. 


If you are student who do more projects, seminars and presentation work you may choose laptop which is best for your kind of work. In case you are a student who only need computer for browsing, booking train tickets, some basic editing stuff’s you may choose good Smartphones or desktops. Nowadays most of smart phones acts like computer, you can do all basic stuff’s in Good smart phone itself. Just think You need computer or Good smart phone. Some people have good smart and they may think, if they had computer they may feel better but after buying computer they not even use because smart phones are handy and easy to do. 

If you use computer for gaming’s, video editing, photo editing, website designing, billing machines..etc Desktops are best one for you. Desktop computer give more life compared to laptops and desktop computer parts can be easily changed. For laptop technician may required to change or upgrade the parts. 

Next is Budget

Good quality desktops and laptops are available from 25k. it may go upto 1 lakh. But here also you have to choose the configuration of  laptop or desktop as per your need.  If you using for gaming, video editing and other heavy stuff you may need high end system with minimum 8 gb ram 4 gb graphics card and 1 tb hard disk. If your usage is low, its for simple browsing, documents editing, office works, you may choose with 4 gb ram & 2 gb graphics card or even inbuilt graphics card also enough for office use. 

Desktop may look costly at early but its constant and interchangeable. There is one trick to reduce the cost in desktop computers, if you had led or lcd tv you can use it as your monitor. Use good qulity HDMI cable to connect your CPU and Monitor. Nowadays mostly no one using Dvd’s and Cd’s lot If you feel you are not DVD Person you can avoid those drive’s. Instead of  CD drive invest in Good External Drive, it may help to backup or transfer files from one system to other.

In laptop’s we can’t make any cuts. Its Inbuilt but desktops can be customized.  However you can choose some low space hard drive laptop’s and buy external hard disk for storage and other uses. 

Now You may get an Idea what to choose, If you choose Laptop’s Consider buying following things too, Good quality wireless mouse, Wireless keyboard and laptop bag  

If you choose Desktop Buy god quality speaker, printer and Ups. Ups help to prevent power surge and also give some extra time to save your documents before the system off.  

Hope you get an idea how to choose between, laptop & desktop and what are things you should consider before buying. Check out more techinical news and stuff’s in our youtube channel.