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The Plant Based Liquid Fertilizer

We didn’t know who invented this the plant-based fertilizer exactly but all we know is this will work for your plant in an excellent way. The Japanese following this method in their garden. It’s a simple method, it has all the nutrition the plant required. This liquid fertilizer is rich in nitrogen magnesium calcium and iron it also contains macro nutrition like boron, Zinc..etc

Procedure :


  1. Collect the weeds around your garden


  1. Chop into small pieces


  1. Put it in a container


  1. Add 1:10 ratio of water


  1. Cover it with lid


  1. Keep it in shade place for 7 to 14 days


The weeds are rich in nitrogen, other nutrients. Which observe the nutrition from the soil easily and if you observe the weed plants you know that they cherish without proper care and maintenance. Because the weeds are the strongest plants with a good amount of Nutrition. During the time of 7 to 14 days, the nutrition in weeds will extract to the liquid and we can give it as a fertilizer for plants.


After 7-14 Days:


  1. Filter the liquid


  1. Add the unprocessed weed leaves in the compost


  1. We can add 1 is to 1 ratio of water and given to the plants directly.


  1. If if we use the nettle leaves or herbal leaves we can use this as an organic pesticides


This is an excellent fertilizer, the plants love to have this, the roots absorb the nutrition easily, you will see the result in few days. If this article is useful to you please subscribe to our newsletter. Keep reading our articles also watch our videos on YouTube. We are available in English and Tamil language.

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