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How To Make WDC( Waste Decomposer )

WDC- Waste decomposer is Biofertilizer manufactured by NCOF- National Centre of Organic Farming. ( Govt Of India ). WDC is Naturally sythesised by the Cow urine & other beneficial bacteria and it was packed in Glass bottle in the form of GEl.

Waste Decomposer (WDC) is a type of microorganism, typically a mixture of bacteria and fungi, that is used to break down organic waste material. These microorganisms feed on the waste, breaking it down into simpler compounds that can be more easily processed and removed from the environment. WDCs are commonly used in municipal and industrial waste treatment systems, as well as in agriculture and horticulture to improve soil health and nutrient content.

The use of WDCs in waste treatment systems can greatly reduce the volume of waste and speed up the decomposition process. This not only helps to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, but also improves the overall efficiency of the treatment system. Additionally, WDCs can help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by decomposing waste, as they consume the organic matter and convert it into CO2 and water.

In agriculture and horticulture, WDCs can be used to improve soil health and fertility by breaking down organic matter and releasing essential nutrients that can be taken up by plants. This can lead to improved crop yields and increased resistance to pests and diseases. WDCs can also be used in composting to speed up the decomposition process and produce high-quality compost more quickly. Overall, WDCs play a crucial role in waste treatment, agriculture and horticulture, as they help to break down waste, improve soil health, and contribute to sustainable waste management practices.

Uses of WDC: 

  • It Fasten the composting
  • It helps to breakdown the nutrients in soil
  • It can be used as Seed treatment solution
  • We can also use as Foliar Spray

How to Make WDC ( Waste Decomposer ) Solution? 

Take 200 litre of water and add 2KG of Jagery or brown sugar 

Add 2 Tspn of WDC Gel / one 30 ML bottle of gel in the water 

Rotate the solution using wooden or Plastic stick 

Cover It with Cotton cloth 

Open and rotate 40-50 times in clockwise for next 5 days 

It will be Ready to use from 6 or 7th day. 

Points to Remember : 

Use well cleaned container and avoid using chlorinated water, it may kills the bacteria and affect the process 

Keep the solution in shade place, Avoid direct sunlight 

The solution will be good to store for about 2-3 weeks 

We can use old solution to make fresh batch, Take 2-4 litre of sold solution and add in 200 litre of water and add 2kg of Brown sugar or Jagery, in Next 5 days Fresh batch will be Ready 

For Gardening use 1:5 or 1:10 ratio, for farming you can use 1:3 or 1:5 ratio ( Ex: 1 part of Wdc-3 part of Water )