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How to Control Pest Organically

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They are many types of pests and bugs which will cause damage to plants and vegetables, Some of the famous bugs and insects are

  • Aphids.
  • Asparagus beetle.
  • Cabbage Looper.
  • Colorado Potato Beetle.
  • Corn Earworm.
  • Cucumber Beetles: Spotted or Striped.
  • Cutworm.
  • Cyclamen Mites. 

However, based on plants and location pests will differ. I am going to teach you the recipe which will be very effective to control almost all type of pests. Please subscribe to us to get Free Pdf on pest control.

3G solution : 

  • Take Green chilli 1KG and add 1litre of water the grind it well with your mixer or grinder.  Ginger, Garlic 1/2 KG and grind it well.
  • If your 3g solution is 3Kg/6.7 pound, add 10 litres of water. After 2 days filter them using a clean white cloth so that larger particles are filtered out, use glove while squeezing them. add 5 ml of this solution with a litre of water and spray on affected plants.
  • Take  Ginger 1/2Kg & Garlic 1/2 KG and add a litre of water than grind it well.
  • Filter them using a clean white cloth so that larger particles are filtered out, use glove while squeezing them.
  • Take 500 ml of concentrated 3G solution and mix it with 8-10 litter water and then spray over the affected plants.
  • The evening is the best time to spray this solution over plants.
  • It’s better to use this mix on the same day. Maximum we can keep this solution for two days.  For small terrace/ container garden take 50g of Green Chili and 25gms of Garlic and Ginger.

Watch our Youtube channel for video instruction on growing plants and pest control: Sakthivel Organic Garden Centre


Neem Oil :

  • Take 5 kg of neem leaves chop it well and add 10 litres of water.
  • Boil it for an hour.
  • Keep it cool for 4 hours and filter the leaves using a clean white cloth.
  • Take 5 litres of coconut oil and mix with this solution and boil it for an hour.
  • cool it and store in dry place.
  • We can keep this solution for 6 months.
  • Take 500 ml and mix with 2 litres of water and spray over the affected plants.

Note :

  • This two solution will not harm the beneficial bacteria and insects in plants.
  • We can use this solution for all types of vegetable plants, it’s very effective.
  • it also adds nitrogen to your plants.

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