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How to Grow Holy Basil from Seeds

The Indian Ayurveda used holy basil as medicine for common cold and cough. We can see Holy basil in most of the temples, we offer holy basil to god, like a flower. The typical Hindu family worship the holy basil plant as a goddess, there is a belief that holy basil is a form of god lakshimi. We can easily grow Holy Basil from seeds all we need is fine well-tried Holy Basil seeds, also we can grow this from cuttings however I recommend you to grow from seeds. 

Holy basil also good in some dishes. I usually eat it raw, I used to make tea. Holy basil blend well with lemongrass so I make some lemongrass basil tea. Not only that’s refreshing and also it Good for Health. If you getting more holy basil, dry them in sunlight and store it in a glass jar for later use. Holy basil juice also considered as medicine for common cold and cough.

Holy Basil in Pest Control: 

Holy basil fragrance will control pests like, melaybugs, fruitflies, musquitoes, whiteflies..etc. Including the holy basil between your vegetable and fruit plants has more benefits. Tomatoes will be tastier if you grow basil next to the plant. The chemical reaction between both plants has mutual benefits. Also it controls the pest attack and improves the quality. We can also take juice of holy basil with some other pest and make the pesticides, If you want to know about that recipe, let me know. I will share it for you. You can Ping via Social media link is below: 


The holy basil grows well in direct sunlight, you can also grow in Semi shade. If you want greenish healthiest holy basil you should keep it in full sunlight. In summer make sure you water twice a day so that the plant won’t curl in heat.

Potting soil:

The well packed potting soil will always beneficial for plant growth. Here I recommend 30 % of Garden soil 30 % of compost 30 % of organic manure 10 % of river sand or perlite.

Growing medium:

We can grow this basil in any growing medium, like Grow bag, pot, or in raise bed..etc. Make sure the pot or grow bag has a drainage hole if that doesn’t have to make one. The excess water should leave if that stay the plant may go rotten.

Seedling :

We can use the seedling tray for holy basil to grow from seeds. Also, you can directly sprinkle some seeds in the place where you want to grow. Since it’s tiny seeds don’t dig too deep.


Usually, it takes between 5 to 7 days. It may take longer depends on the region where you live. If you living in a colder region you can also use heating sheets.


Holy basil doesn’t need much fertilizer to feed. However, if you growing in pot it’s good to top off with some organic fertilizers in every 6 months.


Holy Basil Growing Guide:

Here, I will say the basic things you need to do to grow Holy basil, potting soil and types of fertilizers may vary depends on the region where you live. Use organic products, it will nourish the soil in long term. What I shared below is what I do in my garden, Hope it helps.!!


General care:

  1. Water when the plant needed.
  2. Harvest more, the more you harvest the more it grows.
  3. Prune the plant at least once a year.
  4. Collect the seeds when it’s dry.
  5. Harvest fresh for pleasant smell & taste.

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